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note:BioKit is tested with Travis for the following Python version: 2.7, 3.5, 3.6
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BioKit is a set of tools dedicated to bioinformatics, data visualisation (biokit.viz), access to online biological data (e.g. UniProt, NCBI thanks to bioservices). It also contains more advanced tools related to data analysis (e.g., biokit.stats). Since R is quite common in bioinformatics, we also provide a convenient module to run R inside your Python scripts or shell (:mod:biokit.rtools module).

In order to install biokit, you can use pip:

pip install biokit

Or using bioconda channel from the Anaconda project:

conda install biokit

Overview Utilities related to networks (e.g., protein)
biokit.viz Plotting tools
biokit.rtools utilities related to R language (e.g., RPackageManager, RSession)
biokit.sequence Sequence related (Generic, DNA, RNA)
biokit.stats Generic statistical tools

Examples in notebooks

Set of Notebooks